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Ready to move forward FAST? We can help.

"Words cannot adequately convey just how convenient having The Babb Group turned out to be for me-as they helped me through my frustration and found excellent positions where I could teach from home-my absolute dream career." — Stan R, Ph.D.

MANY people -- some with less experience and less talent than you -- are landing online teaching jobs. So, what's the problem? Why can't you get a position -- or even a few interviews?

Landing online teaching jobs is the result of three core components:

  • Your experience/education/credentials
  • Your CV (how you display #1), and
  • (Possibly most importantly!) Your time and diligence in applying.

And if you are in a high-demand discipline or a very unique niche area of expertise -- or want results fast -- you may need additional help to locate and apply for the positions you want, fast.

Your job search can benefit from a specific, custom-tailored job search and application submission designed just for your needs. High volume, rapid application to jobs.

Our Application Premier Service offers:

  • Free lead subscription to up to 2 categories -- just tell us what you want.
  • Up to 120 job application submissions - we'll apply to all online jobs you send to us to apply to. These can be online, snail mail, email or faxed! Just pass it along and we will do the rest!
  • When we're asked to recruit instructors for specific opportunities that fit your experience, you'll be at the top of our list!

Couple this with ExclusiveEDU to get an even bigger benefit!

This is our best service for all types of applications!

As with every service we offer, cancel anytime.

Here's what you'll get when you subscribe for our Premier service:

  • Job Leads ($11+ Value per category, per month)
  • Emailed and faxed applications ($110+ Value per month)
  • Email Application Service ($55+ Value per month)
  • Up to 120 Online, email, faxed or snail mail Job Applications Service ($399 Value per month)

​$764.00 worth of services per month for only $499.00 per month (sign up for a year for even greater savings!)

The process is simple.

You provide the information and materials (name, email address, CV, transcripts, references, cover letter and all other relevant material) and we provide the human power.

You tell us where you want to work.

You tell us what you want to teach.

You forward to the premier team the leads we send to you that you want to apply for, and any that you find on your own.

It's as easy as sending us the links for jobs you want to apply to, and we will do the tedious work for you!

Yes… we fill out all the application forms.

Yes… we put in all your details.

Yes… we attach files and fill in all the blanks.

Yes… you can update your information at any time.

Yes… we complete the application for you and provide a copy of your application confirmation.

Yes... you are assigned a dedicated account representative who becomes familiar with your material and your goals, as well as a manager in charge of it all.

And when we're asked to recruit instructors for specific opportunities that fit your experience, you'll be at the top of our list!

(Of course, you have complete access to all your applications. You can login at any time to change your password or update information -- it's in your control.)

Here's how to get started:

  • Select your term of commitment.
  • Check out from our store.
  • You'll receive an email with instructions on how to get started.

Monthly or yearly subscriptions available.


Q: This sounds great. Do you guarantee I'll get a job?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to guarantee placement as there are many factors which are outside our control. Anyone promising a job may be stretching the truth. There are no implications or promises. We are simply inputting your information into the online application.

Q. What if an application has specific questions, or requires information that I haven't already sent to you?

If an application requires specific materials or answers, we will email you as soon as possible to get that information and store it so we don't have to ask you again. Of course, the sooner you respond, the faster your app will be processed.

Q. Do I have to send you all my information again for every job opening I want to apply for?

No. If you purchase a package, we hold onto your information for future applications (unless you ask us not to). If your materials, CV, transcripts or other data needs updating, please send that to us anytime.

Q. How do I cancel?

Billing is recurring until you cancel which you can do anytime. You can cancel your service by going to your 'My Account' page and clicking on the 'Manage Subscription' link.

Click this link to go to 'My Account': My Account

Q. Can you do mail-in or faxed applications as well?

This service is for all types of job applications! With premier, you get snail mailed apps, emailed apps and faxed apps handled for you.

Have more questions? Please contact us here.

The fine print: By using this service you agree:

We have your permission to submit the application on your behalf.

You agree to anything in the job application that we must agree to on your behalf; you are allowing us to fill out the form for you. You've read the requirements for the app ahead of time and agree to them - you're just having us fill in the blanks for you.

We will do our best to make sure everything is inputted correctly, but we're human and do make unintentional mistakes occasionally.

We reserve the right to cancel service and refund prorated balances if our services or team are improperly treated.

By subscribing you agree to not hold us liable for the outcome of any of your job applications.