Professor Mentor Andrew Carpenter

Professor Mentor Andrew Carpenter

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Andrew N. Carpenter, Ph.D., B.Phil., B.A.


  • BA in Philosophy summa cum laude, Amherst College
  • B.Phil. in Philosophy, University of Oxford
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of California at Berkeley


  • Higher Learning Commission - Consultant-Evaluator, Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality
  • Higher Learning Commission - Consultant-Evaluator, Academic Quality Improvement Program
  • Higher Learning Commission – Action Project Reviewer
  • Quality Matters Program - Peer Reviewer
  • Quality Matters Program - Master Reviewer
  • Quality Matters Program – Publisher Reviewer

Dr. Carpenter’s areas of mentoring expertise include but aren’t limited to:

Personal mentoring related to higher education leadership:

  • Careers in Higher Education Leadership
  • Tenure Track Job Searches and Careers
  • Academic Publishing and Presenting
  • Service on Educational Boards
  • Accreditation
  • Chairing Academic Committees
  • Developing Academic Policies, Processes, and Systems
  • Academic Strategic Planning
  • Academic Governance

Personal mentoring related to teaching online:

  • Teaching Outside One's Own Discipline
  • Teaching “Scary” Courses Like Statistics and Research Methods
  • Chairing Doctoral Committees
  • Curriculum Development as a Subject Matter Expert
  • Setting High Academic Standards in Online Classrooms
  • Motivating Struggling Students
  • Resolving Student and Classroom Conflict
  • Gaining LMS Expertise: Blackboard, Pearson Learning Style, Sakai, Angel, and others
  • Planning Difficult Discussions with Students or Supervisors
  • Advocating for Academic Quality and Integrity
  • "Managing Up:" Building Relationships with Chairs, Deans, and Senior Leaders
  • “Networking Out:” Building Strong Connections to Traditional Academia and National and
    International Academic Organizations

Personal mentoring related to Adjunctpreneur ® careers:

  • Managing Heavy Workloads
  • Systematic Time Management
  • Efficiencies in Online Teaching
  • Earning a Doctorate while Teaching or Working Full Time
  • Creating a Personal Professional Development Strategy
  • Lifelong Learning for Adjunctpreneurs ®
  • Starting or Advancing an Adjunctpreneurial Career

Been Teaching Since:

I began teaching in 1991 and have received seven teaching awards from five institutions of higher learning.

Currently I serve as President of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers and on several teaching organization and academic journal Boards.  I have also served in numerous faculty and administrative leadership roles in proprietary and non-profit institutions of higher learning.

Top 3 strengths as a mentor:

  • Twenty-five year career in higher education as tenure track faculty in traditional academia, in part-time and full-time online faculty roles in online institutions of higher learning, and in many faculty leadership roles including faculty senate president, and chairing most major (and many minor!) academic committees. Administrative leadership roles include accreditation leader and self-study writer, department chair / academic area head, center of teaching and learning director, and vice president of academic affairs / chief academic officer.
  • Highly organized with excellent communication skills. I listen well and excel at critical thinking and planning.
  • Possess a clear vision of academic excellence, an uncompromised commitment to academic integrity, and strong knowledge of academia and academic processes and systems. I am an expert online educator with a sustained publishing record in disciplinary scholarship and in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

In his own words...

As an educator, I affirm the ideals of honesty, integrity, and the human potential for moral and intellectual growth.

I abhor the tyranny of low expectations and embrace the power of combining high expectations with correspondingly high levels of academic support.In the classroom, I am relentlessly positive: I assume that each student can achieve sophisticated learning and can undergo significant intellectual growth, and I work hard encouraging my students in ways designed to inspire them to work harder and to learn a LOT in their classes.

As a mentor, sharing my passion for high-quality online teaching and learning gives me great joy. If you are beginning to teach, I would be honored to help you to find your own pedagogical voice and teach you how to navigate through the thickets of academia.  If you are an experienced educator seeking to “trade up” to better jobs, a full-time teaching career, or a career in higher education leadership, I would love to help you to plan how to flourish in your academic career. If you are intrigued by the idea – and idealism – of the adjunctpreneurial career path, I stand ready to provide honest and wise counsel.