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Academic Publication Service: In partnership with an award-winning business entrepreneur, published author (750 books, of which 720 are sold on Amazon), and experienced educator to offer a unique service to academic educators. Convert your existing academic research to a commercial book!

The Babb Group, Inc. has partnered with an award-winning business entrepreneur, published author (750 books, 720 on Amazon/Kindle), and experienced educator to offer a unique service to academic educators. Dr. Boyer has assisted over 40 academics and authors publish their academic manuscripts and dissertations to the commercial market.

The Babb Group offers to transform your academic research (your copyrighted Master Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation, Collection of Journal Articles, Informal or Formal Educational Blogs, etc.) and convert those bodies of knowledge and research to a published commercial book that earns you direct residual royalties and income from online direct sales through one of the world's largest online retail markets. You supply your manuscript file and Dr. Boyer will convert that scholarly, educational piece into a commercial (lay-person friendly format) publication, which increases your exposure to the world as an educator. Your commercial book allows you to earn direct and residual income on sales from your hard-earned academic work.

You invested thousands of dollars in tuition, education, and continuing education, and conducted time-consuming and costly academic research - all out of your pocket. Now it's time to get a return on your investment.


When you submitted your final dissertation to a university registrar's office, just before graduation, you were asked, "Do you wish to make your dissertation available to scholastic databases for access by other researchers and educators?" You most likely checked the 'yes' box to share your research with ProQuest. What you have done is allowed another entity to make money on your hard work and scholarly research. While a database depository company is making money selling copies of your research and dissertation to others direct or via subscription service to students and staff of educational institutions – you earn nothing.


  • Allows other academics and the general public to more easily find your work via a commercial platform.
  • Your career-related exposure on the Internet is increased – highly recommended to educators, as well as helps dean's and HR find professors (YOU!) to hire.
  • You earn royalties on sales - which are deposited directly into your bank account with no middleman fees between the sales channel and you. No follow up emails asking for more of your hard-earned money!
  • Academics can recommend their own publications to their students in reading lists or required textbook reading(s) to increase sales and royalties, when allowed by the school.
  • Potentially increase your 'citations by others' in Google Scholar, increasing your visibility for career advancement and academic recognition.
  • Opportunity to publish your fully updated curriculum vitae at the end of the book to increase your visibility to hiring deans and for speaking engagements.
  • You are able to add a bullet as ‘Published Author' on your Curriculum Vitae
  • After the commercial publication of your scholarly research work, you can sell your book at conventions, trade shows, and speaking engagements. You buy at the wholesale price, and sell at a retail price, and earn the difference (which could feasibly be between $7.00 to $15.00 per copy!).


  • Completed, publication-ready, manuscript file for upload to publication platform for a soft-cover, paperback book
  • Cover design and assistance with social media marketing pages inside the book.
  • Assistance on determining price for the soft-cover book and breakout for potential royalties earned via six different sales channels.
  • Your book is available via these sales outlets: Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Eastern Europe (Denmark, France, Spain, Italy), and Amazon Japan.
  • Your profile and account are established, your manuscript is loaded, and a direct royalty ‘deposit to your bank account' funnel is set up.
  • Editing, formatting, and set-up by Ph.D. level, APA-style (6th), and marketing-savvy expert.
  • All royalties are paid directly into a bank account of your choice monthly, earnings statements available 24/7, and 1099 form sent at the end of the year for revenue earnings and tax purposes.

  • Start earning royalties and income ...
  • Start earning a ROI from your research work ...
  • Start the process of recuperating some of the costs of your tuition ...
  • Start marketing your expertise for future academic career opportunities ...
  • Start letting your scholastic achievements earn you future and continuing income ...

    Conversion for Commercial Publication: provides the following elements: ISBN number, front cover page, copyright declaration, foreword, acknowledgements, chapter (first page) placements, appropriate widow/orphan elements, aesthetic text placement, appropriate font sizing, margins, headers/footers, table of contents and index, appendixes, about the author page, author's curriculum vitae, advertising/marketing (hotlinks, QR codes), and ‘light' editing (where warranted – most manuscripts have a need for additional editing for professionalism).

    Formatting Elements and Sizes: Once formatting and editing completed, the book is formatted as a file for uploading to publishing platforms, following best-practice, target -market book sizes (minimum of 25 pages; sizes determined with the editor / publisher). Most dissertations converted to a commercial paperback book are generally a 6” x 9” or 5.5” x 8” sized book.


    Signed and executed confidentiality agreement and memo of understanding must be signed before commencing work. Instructions for proceeding will be sent within 24 hours of checkout. The service implies no warranty for future sales, service buyers will have three days to cancel contract. Services may only be pro-rated for refunds based on amount of work already completed once the project is started.


    Cover Design – simple cover design (front & back) with author's copyrighted graphics or photos, public domain images, or editor's provided design (two to four alternate designs provided for author to choose from), inside title page - or – author can submit his or her own cover for use (copyrighted material will be ensured for legal use).

    Marketing Elements – manuscript will include hot links for the author's marketing and advertising or career enhancement, as well as QR codes for scanning for POC information and driving readers to business website (URL, Facebook, blog, etc.) – all within the book itself.

    Upload of manuscript file for softcover book publishing, with direct sales to Amazon (e-book not recommended for dissertations / major research studies because it reduces softcover royalties), with six sales channels for online and catalog sales.

    Link the published book directly to author's bank account for direct deposit of royalty funds. (Will need photocopy of deposit slip or bank routing and account numbers.)

    Access to online publishing platform to purchase book(s) at wholesale rates. Royalties report for price set point for each sales channel for each online sale (before publication release).


    For academic ghostwriting (manuscript quality assurance), journal article formatting (per publisher’s requirements), and editing services (from finished journal article manuscripts up to textbooks) - contact us for quotes.