Create a Professor and Consultant E-Portfolio

Create a Professor and Consultant E-Portfolio

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Work with two of our Professor Mentors, Cliff and Sharon Jumper, to create a customized electronic portfolio that you can use to market your skills for teaching, subject matter expert, instructional design, and consulting work: Don’t have the time to build a website, but want an e-portfolio to market your materials? We can help with that, too. Price will be based upon hourly mentoring package rates.

What is an e-Portfolio?

An e-Portfolio is a collection of artifacts that document the strengths listed on your CV. It is helpful not only for teaching positions, but also for curriculum and training development, subject matter expert, instructional design, or consulting work. Demonstrate your competitive advantage over other candidates.

What should I put into an e-Portfolio?

We will help you prepare everything you need to create and customize your e-Portfolio. Your e-portfolio will demonstrate that you are competent in developing a customized HTML-based website. It may contain:

  • Videos and animations
  • Graphics, illustrations, and diagrams
  • Custom created games and adaptive learning activities
  • Sample LMS modules
  • Curricula design samples
  • Integration of Web 2.0 tools into instructional content
  • Samples of teaching artifacts (syllabi, assessments, rubrics, etc.)
  • Writing samples
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certification documents and awards
  • Evaluations

What can an e-Portfolio do for me?

An e-Portfolio is an easy way to demonstrate a high degree of competency and professionalism to potential employers, clients, and your professional network. If you optimize your portfolio, you may also find Google recognizes your site.

What can I do with the e-Portfolio once it is created?

  • As part of this process, you will obtain a URL and web-host. Your e-portfolio will be your own website to manage and promote.
  • You can link to the e-portfolio from your CV, faculty webpage, social media site, etc.
  • You can promote the e-Portfolio through content marketing and other forms of advertising.
  • You can send a link to the portfolio to prospective employers or clients to demonstrate your work
  • You can use individual licensed LMS shells to conduct private tutoring and training
  • You are responsible for ensuring that content is properly licensed and compliant with intellectual property laws

Note that this is a package that provides mentoring and instructional content – building the website is part of your demonstration of subject matter competency, instructional design skills, and technical expertise.


Who are your Mentors?

Sharon Jumper, JD, BA

Sharon Jumper, JD, BA
Professor Mentor

Charles “Cliff” Jumper, MBA

Charles Jumper, MBA
Professor Mentor