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"Cold calls", long used in sales, have helped companies for decades get new clients. Our job candidates have had similar success "cold emailing" human resources or deans, and asking to have their CV on file for potential job matches, or forwarded onto a hiring manager or dean in their specific subject area.

Read our article on how and why to use this service.

With this service, you can request contact information for up to 6 schools or departments per week. We will do our best to get you the most accurate, current dean or HR contact information and send it to you so you can personalize an email to the university or dean you want to work for.

Simply subscribe, and send us a list of schools each week you would like contact information for!

When opportunities arise to submit your curriculum vita for positions we are asked to recruit for, we do this on your behalf!

You receive

Contact information for up to 6 schools or departments per week